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Itinerary for the 7-day Gobi Tour "Camel Festival"

Day 1: Nomadic family and wild nature

Today we will visit  a true nomadic family. The purpose of the stay at a local family is to experience the true culture of Mongolian nomads. You will see how they herd animals, make dairy products,  and traditional clothes. You are welcome to play traditional games, have Mongolian supper and interact with the nomads and ask any question you have.  Overnight in a ger.

Day 2-3. Flaming Cliffs or Bayanzag ( Thousand Camel Festival Event)

Drive to Flaming Cliffs which is a Neolithic site where the large dinosaurs' skeletons on show in  Natural History Museum were found. In the west, it is better known as the Flaming Cliffs, so named by explorer Roy Chapman Andrews. He also discovered petrified forests, remains of mammals and in particular the skeleton of hornless rhinoceros, the largest known mammal in the world.  Trekking in Bayanzag.

Experience Camel Festival. Overnight in a ger.

Day 4 . Khongor sand dunes

Today we will enjoy some travel activities of Gobi desert.
After breakfast, we will drive towards Khongor sand dunes that extend along the northern side of Sevrei and Zoolun mountain ranges. 
Activities: Camel riding! The two-humped camels are very comfortable to ride, as they walk slowly and gently; you will be well supported by the humps, sitting comfortably between them. Our camel man will take us around the sand dunes of Khongor.

Later on,  we will explore the area, climbing to the top of the dunes is challenging but the view from the top of the dunes is amazing and worth the effort. The dunes extend for 185 kilometers and include dunes that can reach 240 meters in height. Overnight in a ger. 

Day 5. Yol Valley in the mountains "Three beauties of Gobi"

Yol , named after a vulture , is a deep and narrow gorge  in the sub range of the famous mountain "The three beauties of Gobi". We will be walking through the gorge for about two hours. The valley is beautiful with impressive canyons, green land and little stream. Wild and rare animals such as ibex, wild sheep, fox , antelopes,  snow leopards are seen sometimes. Overnight in a ger.

Day 6. White stupa or Tsagaan Suvarga 

This is a colorful limestone rock in Ulziit sum, a local administration unit. The rock is about 30 meters tall and  uniquely-shaped because of natural erosion. Locals have long venerated this mountain (have so much fear and) respect for it that they refrain from saying its real name. They call it "Tsagaan Khairkhan" the "White Darling" instead when they are at this place. We will be walking around the place.

 Overnight in a ger.

Day 7. Drive to Ulaanbaatar

Accommodation – Traditional Mongolian ger, tent and tourist camp.

Transport – Jeep, Russian van, and others.

Meals – Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner