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"It was my dream to come to Mongolia and it came true in the summer of 2014 when i chose to travel around Mongolia with Sunpath. Absolutely beautiful country with great landscapes and friendly people. The tour guides and drivers at Sunpath were all very accommodating and willing to help us at anytime which made our trip even greater. Coming back again for sure!"

"I traveled to Mongolia in late May,2015 choosing Sunpath-Mongolia ". It was a great experience and  the guide and driver were professional yet very helpful. I would strongly suggest Sunpath tours if you are looking for any, Just a brilliant adventure in Mongolia!"

"Why I came to Mongolia is easy to answer: I’ve been comparing two travel-documentaries to finish my studies in journalism in early 2015. Maybe it was fate that I ended up watching mongolian documentaries and writing about it. However, Mongolia already fascinated me before I went there and had two amazing trips with „Sunpath“. Our skilled guide Gala and great driver Jagaa took my little group to South-&Central-Monolia as well as to the North and I’ve seen the most beautiful things ever. A wonderful sunset in the desert, traditional Naadam, beautiful waterfalls, fresh lakes and the great experience of staying with local nomads, too! „Sunpath“ helped me living a nomad’s life for three full weeks with only beautiful memories, which I tried to show in my video too!"

"Traveling to Mongolia has always been something i've wanted to experience, and being here exceeded all my expectations.The tours i've been on with sunpath took me to places i never knew existed, and they were beautiful and unforgettable. This video is a tribute to the raw and natural scape of Mongolia, and thank you  Sunpath for making this a possibility!"

We designed this section in order to share the experience of backpackers who traveled through SUNPATH service. Cudos* to all the customers who took such great pictures and videos while travelling. We only post videos, pictures with reviews sent by customers who agreed to share their experience with you so that you will have insight look at how the trips are like at Sunpath-Mongolia.


" Mongolia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I have traveled to Mongolia and it exceeded my expectations. The vast landscape, the herds, and the silence- something that i see only in my dreams! Thank you for the great experience Sunpath Mongolia!"