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The one day trip is a great option for people seeking beautiful nature nearby the capital. You will be back in Ulaanbaatar by the evening.
You will head to Terelj national park which is rich in flowers, trees, mountains and rocks. Terelj national park is a great spot for hiking and horse-riding.
You will also be able to see the big Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue. Interesting yet productive tour in just a day!


Start the tour in the morning.
Drive to Terelj National Park 
Terelj national Park is recognized as a part of huge Khan Khentii reserve and established as a Strictly Protected Area in 1992. The Park’s most spectacular features are its huge granite bloks and cliffs as well as meadows rich in wild flowers. Terelj offers fascinating rock formations against a background of pine covered mountains. The average elevation is about 1600m. with peaks reaching 2900m. The park is reach in flora and fauna and reminds of beautiful Alpine valleys. It is green meadows carpeted with Edelweiss abd dazzlong variety of other wild flowers attract nature lovers. Typical round rock masses determine the look of the overwhelming nature. It is a wonderul hiking and horse riding area.

Riding horses and trekking to a temple. lunch after trekking.
Drive to Chinggis Khaan statue and visit the place.
Drive back to Ulaanbaatar
Watch cultural performance in Ulaanbaatar.

Stay in a hostel or hotel.