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Day 1. Fly to  Uliastai and  Tosontsengel 

We will drive through Tosontsengel sum Zavkhan's second largest city. Travel to Ider river and camp there overnight .

Day 2. Drive to Otgontenger Mountain

Today’s driving will lead you through eye fascinating beautiful scenery of wooded mountains and over mountain passes. Snow capped Otgontenger mountain is the highest peak of Khangai mountain range. It is 4021 m above sea level. The mountain has been worshipped by local people since 1779 and was taken under state protection since 1818 as the area is home to many endangered species of animals and plants. The worshipping of the mountain was banned from 1930 to 1992. In 1992, Mongolian president decreed to sacrifice the mountain once for every 4 years. 

Day 3. Day tour to Otgontenger Mountain and Badarhundaga Lake

Today, we will have a short driving to the mountain. There is a beautiful small lake called “Badarhundaga” just below the permanent snow cover of the mountain at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level. The lake is an outflow of many rivers. Beautiful surrounding of the mountain has 108 hot and cold spas and 108 streams and lakes. The area is spectacular as it accepts rain drops below 2000 m and accepts snow above 2000 m even in summer. There you will be admired by natural beauty.

Day 4-5. Mukhar Shivert and  Khar nuur 

Mukhart is part of the huge Mongol Els (sand dune) and is uniquely shaped to look like a dam, particular Hoover Dam in Nevada. A river runs from the foot of the dam and meanders through the sand dunes forming an oasis which is excellent for camping.

Approximate distance covered: 100 km.
Drive to Khar Nuur(black lake), is a scenic lake that is surrounded with high mountains and sand dunes. The sceneries from Mukhart to Khar Nuur are indescribable. The varied landscapes change continuously from mountains, lakes, sand dunes, unique rock formations, plains, plateaus, grassland etc. An interesting highlight on this part of the overland journey is the Senjit Khad - a natural stone arch.

Day  6-7. Urgamal  sum of Zavkhan province .

We will vist local family. Discover  nomadic lifestyle.  Stay in a Ger

Day 8 . Drive to Uureg lake .

The Salty  lake is located among a superb panorama,  surrounded by the high summits of the Altai. Fishing and hiking opportunities are overwhelming here and rock paintings in which animals can be seen in the gorge of the Tsagaan river. The local herders of this area are called durvud and Uriankhai ethnic group   You will visit local family and discover their lifestyle..  Day 9. Drive to Achit lake through Ulgii.
Achit lake is one of the largest lake of Mongolia. It is located between Kharkhiraa Uul and Turgen Uul, at 1400 m above the sea level.  

Day 10-13.  Drive to Altai Tavan Bogd.

In the morning we leave the vehicle behind and load up the camels and trek for approximately 15 km to  potanin glacier, at the foot of malchin Peak. The hike takes us over lush alpine tundra, through herds of camels, with fantastic views directly across the  glacier to objective peaks.

 Day 14  Drive to Tsagaan gol river and Shiveet Khairkhan mountain.

The Shiveet Khairkhan mountain is very sacred to the Tuvan people and boasts many ibex. It is also possible to see the ibex if you have binoculars. Each year the Tuvan climb to the mountain summit  to make offering ceremony for the  natural  spirits . .

Day 15. After breakfast , we will drive to  Bayan- Ulgii province. We will eat lunch near the Tolbo lake . it is about 50 km south of Ulgii province.   We will visit Kazak family and to see how they make their fantastic colorful emroideries. The Kazak people famous eagle hunters. This night we will stay in local family.

Day 16. Drive to Tsambagarav Mountain .

We will drive to Tsambagarav Mountain National Park is situated along the border of Khovd Province. This Park has many snow -capped peak and glaciers. It is houses  of a number of wild  animals  on the southern slope there are small patches of larch which are conferous trees . This Park is filled with beatiful valleys and gorges making it a very spectacular destination.

Day 17. To see the rock drawing in GurvanTsenkher Cave

The journey continues further west. Scientists believe that the drawings in the GurvanTsenkher cave belong to 25000-15000 years ago. Many figures of different animals such as lions, elephants, argali sheep, ibexes, ostriches, antelopes, camels as well as symbols were painted with mineral-based paints (red and brown lead) on the ceilings and walls of the caves. Explore twin chambers of the cave. If we are lucky, we may spot some saiga antelopes near the cave.

Day18.  Drive to Hovd town

Today, we will drive to Hovd town, the most modern provincial center among Mongolian 21 provincial centers. As well as a birthplace of many different ethnic groups. While touring, your eyes will be fascinated by beautiful sceneries of lakes, wide river valley and snow capped Tsambagarav and Tsast mountains. Visit a nomad family and experience bit different way of life of western Mongolian ethnic group

Day 19. Fly back Ulaanbaatar.