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Day 1. Kharkhorin or Karakorum- the old capital of Mongolia

We will start our tour to Kharakhorin, where Erdenezuu monastery coexists 

with Kharkhorin village in the wide valley of the Orkhon River. Erdenezuu is 

the largest and the most beautiful monastery in Mongolia. Our driving takes us 

5-6 hours on paved road through mountain steppe. Arrive in Kharkhorin. 

Climb or drive up hills with monument and an ancient turtle stone. When you 

are on the hill, you can see whole view of the Erdenezuu Monastery. 

 Day 2. Visit Erdenezuu monastery, drive to a nomad family

After breakfast you’ll visit the Erdenezuu monastery museum and an active 

temple. Even though the monastery has history over 400 years, it is still 

admired by its stunning architecture and valuable religious items. Some of its 

temples are special because they were built by wood interlock method without 

using a single nail. Have a lunch at a restaurant in Kharkhorin. Next, we will 

drive to a nomad family live around Elsentaserhai. Elsentasarkhai is a unique 

place representing Gobi desert, mountain steppe and high mountain in an 

area. Today you will take part or jonly see how the ger is built, in which you will 

stay. Welcome dinner with the nomad family. Stay in a ger neighboring the 

nomad family

 Day 3. The day to learn and practice nomad's life, custom and 


It includes milk animals, cook traditional meals and cookies, make dairy 

products from milk, tend livestock, collect horses riding on horseback, see 

how horses are caught and tamed, play traditional games, help milking mare 

and much more. Except for those, you will enjoy nomad’s hospitality and 

natural beauty. Horse riding tour to HugnuKhaan Mountain. Camel riding is 

available on your request. Stay in a ger neighboring the the nomad family. 

 Day 4. Drive back Ulaanbaatar. 

After breakfast, driving to Ulaanbaatar.