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Day 1. Ulaanbaatar- Khugnu Khaan National reserve

Drive to Semi-Gobi.  Imagine a picture that consists of rocky mountains in the back, sand dunes extending on the right side of the dunes, green trees in and aside the dunes, a river flowing along the dunes. That is what Semi-Gobi looks like. Relax in Semi-Gobi. Trekking to the mountains. Camel riding or horse riding is possible on your request. Stay in a ger camp

Day 2. Karakorum city which is the ancient capital of Mongolia

Karakorum, the ancient capital of Mongolian Empire, was built in 1235 by Ugudei khaan who was the successor  of Chingis Khaan. The old capital was almost completely destroyed in 1377. But in 1585, Avtai Sain Khaan of Mongolia built the biggest Buddhist monastery near the site of the ancient capital in 1586. The monastery, Erdenezuu, is kept in good shape until today. The crafts and paintings stored in the monastery are "a must see " masterpiece of work. Visit the monastery and explore more about the historical city.

Day 3. Ongi Monastery

Drive to Ongi monastery. Discover the ruins of Ongi monastery and its site. There is a ger museum which contains items found in the site of monastery that was actively operating until 1939. Nature in this area is beautiful with rocky mountains, Ongi river and trees. It is also a  good spot for bird watching. . Hiking to the rocky mountains is optional. Overnight in a ger gamp.

Day 4. Flaming Cliffs or Bayanzag 

Drive to Flaming Cliffs which is Neolithic site where the large dinosaurs' skeletons on show in  Natural History Museum were found. In the west, it is better known as the Flaming Cliffs so named explorer Roy Chapman Andrews. He also discovered petrified forests, remain of mammals and in particular the skeleton of hornless rhinoceros, the largest known mammal in the world. Short trekking in Bayanzag. Overnight in a ger camp

Day 5. Sand dunes of Khongor

Drive to the sand dunes of Khongor. Camel riding  along the dunes.The two-humped camels are very comfortable to ride, as they walk slowly and gently and we will be well supported by the humps, sitting comfortably between them. Our camel man will take us to the sand-dunes. Visit to Nomads Family. Interaction with local nomads.  
After dinner , hiking to the dunes to see the sunset  and the panoramic view from the top- endless vistas across a sea of daffodil-colored sand. The dunes extend for 185 kilometers and include dunes that can reach 240 meters in height. Overnight in a ger camp.

Day  6. Yol valley

Yol , named after a vulture , is a deep and narrow gorge  in the sub range of the famous mountain "The three beauties of Gobi".Trekking through the gorge. The valley is beautiful with impressive canyons, green land and little pond. Wild and rare animals such as ibex, wild sheep, fox , antelopes,  snow leopards are seen sometimes. Horse-riding is optional as well. Overnight in a ger camp nearby the gorge.

Day 7.  White stupa

This is a colorful limestone rock in Ulziit sum, a local administration unit. The rock is about 30 meters tall and shaped uniquely because of natural erosion caused by wind and water. Locals have long venerated this mountain (have so much fear and) respect for it that they refrain from saying its real name. They call it "Tsagaan Khairkhan" the "White Darling" instead when they are at this place. Overnight in a ger

Day 8.  Terelj National Park  

Terelj national Park is recognized as a part of huge Khan Khentii reserve and established as a Strictly Protected Area in 1992. The Park’s most spectacular features are its huge granite bloks and cliffs as well as meadows rich in wild flowers. Terelj offers fascinating rock formations against a background of pine covered mountains. The average elevation is about 1600m. with peaks reaching 2900m. The park is reach in flora and fauna and reminds of beautiful Alpine valleys. It is green meadows carpeted with Edelweiss abd dazzlong variety of other wild flowers attract nature lovers. Typical round rock masses determine the look of the overwhelming nature. It is a wonderul hiking and horse riding area. You can visit a nomadic family or just let yourself be absorbed in silence of nature.

Day 9. Drive to Ulaanbaatar

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