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Day 1.     Kharkhorum ancient capital of Mongolia

Kharkhorin was built in 1235  by Ogodei Khaan , who was successor of Chingis Khaan. The foundations of Kharkhorin’s buildings are all underground and Erdene-Zuu Monastery was built near the ruins of ancient capital in 1585. We will visit the Erdenezuu monastery which contains valuable items that represents the Buddhist culture of Mongolia. overnight in a ger camp​

Day 2-3.   Orkhon Valley and Ulaan tsutgalan waterfall  and one day horse riding  

We will visit Uurt gorge,  Orkhon river, and the Red waterfall in Orkhon valley.
The red waterfall is situated in historically significant  Orkhon valley, whose river flows an incredible 1120 km to the north before it joins the  Selenge  river. Also called Ulaantsutgalan waterfall was formed by unique combination of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes about 20000  years ago.  Overnight in a ger nearby the waterfall.

Day 4.   Hot spring (Hot spa)

The sulphur springs of Tsenkher  emerge from the ground at 86C. The hot spring is especially good for skin allergy.We will relax in Hot spa for the whole day. It is a good treatment after a long horse-riding trip. Overnight in a ger camp.​

Day 5.     Semi Gobi   

 Amazing nature of Semi-Gobi
There are 2 different zones of Nature in Semi-Gobi: mountains and sand dunes .
Do camel-riding. Overnight in a ger camp.

Day 6. Driving  back to UB    

Accommodation : nomadic family ger, tourist camp, camping

Meal: B+L+D Vegetarian food is available on your request.

Transportation: Russian van, jeep, and others

Karakorum-Tsenher Hot Spa-Semi Gobi Tour