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​Day 1.   Elsen tasarhai

Drive to Semi-Gobi. On the way, you will see herds of sheep or horse being herded by children in unfenced open land as well as local nomads’ gers. Semi-Gobi is a great spot for camel riding and walking. The river, trees, dunes, mountains, sunset, and livestocks all in a single photo shot!   Overnight in a nomadic family.​

Day 2-3.  National Park Khorgo-Terkh. 

After breakfast time, we will drive to the National park Khorgo-Terkh. Khorgo volcano is a dead volcano covered with basalt lying to the east of the Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan (White of Terkh), has volcanic origins, in Tariat sum (sub-province) of Arkhangai aimag (province). The Volcano erupted in the Quaternary Period and its lave closed the water stream of River Suman and result of this meeting has created a truly incredible landscape which is matched by the fascinating extinct volcano craters which have produced a number of rock formations and huge gorges with fast flowing rivers and cascades. Something that is easy to figure out by the trail of solidified lava formations leading from the Lake to nearby the Volcano.

​Day 4 . Telmen Lake 

Day 5. Lake  Hyargas

One of the largest lakes of Mongolia, lies about 100 km south of lake Uvs in the territory of the Deprission of Great Lakes. The Zavkhan river feeds Airag Lake, which is further connected to Hyargas lake that has not outlet. The salt water lake, stretching from west to east, is 75 km long and 31 km wide. Several of fish including the rare Mongolian grayling lives in Hyargas Lake

Day 6-7.  Uvs (Achit Lake Uureg) is the Largest lake of Mongolia by surface water. The shallow lake lies near the north frontier of the country where it UVs aimag borders with Russia, in the Depression of Great lakes. The Uvs lake lying in Desert and desert steppe at an altitude of 76 meters above sea level is surrounded by Large marshes in the north and the world’s northernmost sand dunes of Altan Els ( Golden sand) in the eastern shore.-26,27/9

The lakes of  Uvs, Achit, Uureg and Ulgii are ideal spots for camping, trekking and horse back tours.

Day 8. Bayan-Ulgii province 

Day 9-11 . Altai  5 Bogd Mountain-29,30/9, 1/10, The highest peak in Mongolia-Altai Tavan Bogd ( sometimes known as Huiten Uul Mountain) towers  4.374 m  above sea level overlooking the the borders  of Mongolia, China and  Russia . Eternal snow and glaciers in the peaks of Altai  Tavan Bogd make the mountain magnificent and require endurance and high level of physical capability from mountaineers.

​Day 12. Bayan- Ulgii.  Kazak family

Conservation of nature and the modern demands of growing population. Attend the spectacular Golden Eagle festival, with up to 60 Kazaks on horseback, dressed in their traditional dark coats and scarlet hats, with Golden Eagles hovering on their arms. The Festival is arranged by locals that are committed to preserving traditional Kazak heritage. Enjoy the rare opportunity to view Golden Eagles close up and allow one to perch upon your arm.The Festival is held in the extreme west of Mongolia, at the heart of the majestic Altai Mountains, an area featuring rivers, glaciers and the beautiful landscapes of Bayan-Ulgii

​Day 13-14. Eagle Festival 

One of the oldest and most spectacular customs of Mongolian Kazak people, passed down from generation to generation, is hunting with specially trained eagles. The Golden Eagle Festival is organized in order to help revive this remarkable tradition and promote the younger generations in an effort to balance the preservation of Mongolia’s past traditions.

​Day 15. Khovd province

Today we will drive to Khovd town. As well as a birth place of many different ethnic groups and famous Throat singers. There is you will meet throat singer and to see small concert. While touring, your eyes will be fascinated by beautiful sceneries of lakes, wide river valley and snow capped Tsambagarav and Tsast mountains. Visit nomadic family and experience bit different way of life of western Mongolian ethnic group. Also will discover Mongolian famous throat singing birthplace and to see traditional concert in Khovd province. 

Day 16. Fly back UB.​​