Day 1. Fly to  Bayan-Ulgii province

Bayan Ulgii province is  the biggest town in Mongolia. There is dominated Kazak nationality and muslim people. You will visit Kazak family and discover their well known culture -especially their trained eagles for hunting.

Day 2-4. Altai  Tavan Bogd Mountain

The highest peak in Mongolia-Altai Tavan Bogd ( sometimes known as Huiten Uul Mountain) towers  4.374 m  above sea level overlooking the borders  of Mongolia, China and  Russia . Eternal snow and glaciers in the peaks of Altai  Tavan Bogd make the mountain magnificent and require endurance and high level of physical capability from mountaineers.

Day 5-6. Lake Uvs is the Largest lakes of Mongolia by surface water.

 The shallow lake lies near the north frontier of the country where it UVs aimag borders with Russia, in the Depression of Great lakes. The Uvs lake lying in Desert and desert steppe at an altitude of 76 meters above sea level is surrounded by Large marshes in the north and the world’s northernmost sand dunes of Altan Els ( Golden sand) in the eastern shore.

The lakes of  Uvs, Achit, Uureg and Ulgii are ideal spots for camping, trekking and horseback tours.

Day 7. Tsambagarav Mountain

The sacred, snow capped Tsambagarav Mountain at 4208 m above sea level lies on the border of Bayan –Ulgii and Khovd Aimags. It covers over 110,960 hectares of Tsambagarav Uul national Park as well. The park is known for its stunning vistas.

Day 8. Gurvan Tsenkher Cave

Today we will drive Gurvan Tsenkher Cave. This cave is related to the upper Paleolithic period, the rock art found in Khoid Tsenker Cave. Scientists say that the drawings in the Gurvan Tsenkher cave belong to 25000-15000 years ago. Many figures of different animals such as lions, elephants, argali sheep, ibexes, antelopes, camels as well as symbols were painted with mineral-based paints (red and brown led) on the ceilings and walls of the cave.​

Day 9. Khovd province

Today we will drive to Khovd town, the birth place of many different ethnic groups and famous “throat-singers”. You will meet throat singers and see small concert. While touring, your eyes will be fascinated by beautiful sceneries of lakes, wide river valley and snow capped Tsambagarav and Tsast mountains. Visit nomadic family and experience a bit different way of life of western Mongolian ethnic group. 

Day 10. Fly to UB.



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