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Day 1. Start the trip via Elsentasarkhai  to Kharkhorin.

Elsentasarkai is a unique place features Gobi desert, mountain steppe and 

high mountains in an area. Arrive at Kharkhorin. Drive up hills with turtle stone 

and monument and see wide-open valley of the Orkhon River from up. In 

Kharkhorin, on the ruins of ancient city Kharkorum, Mongolian first and the 

largest monastery Erdenezuu was built using old materials of the destroyed 

city. The guests are always amazed by stunning architecture of the monastery 

and its valuable religious items. Some temples of the monastery have over 

400 year’s history. Visit the monastery. 

Day 2. Drive to Tsenkher hot spa 

Drive to Tsenkher hot spa The Tsenkher hot spa tourist camp is located in the 

middle of forested mountains. There you can get relaxed in hot spa pool. Hike 

to the beginning of the hot spring. 

Day 3.-4. Drive to KhorgoTerhiinTsagaan National Park 

From today you will see big change of the the landscapes. The Khorgo 

volcano is the last extinct volcano became extinct 8000-6000 years ago. 

There you may picture how the eruption was when you see huge basalt 

covered areas. The beautiful TerkhiinTsagaanlake was formed after the two 

Terk rivers blocked by lava of the volcanoes. Climb the volcano and explore 

its beautiful surrounding. Visit a yak herding nomad family to experience and 

explore their life. 

Day 5. Drive to Otgontenger Mountain

Peak of snow-capped Mt. Otgontenger is 4031 m above sea level. It is the 

highest peak of Khangai mountain range. Today we will drive through eye 

capturing beautiful nature to the Otgon tourist camp located on the southern 

foothill of the snowcapped mountain. 

Day 6. Short driving to BadarHundaga lake, relax and enjoy nature 

BadarHundaga is a beautiful small lake lies just below the permanent snow 

cover of the Otgontenger mountain. The mountain has been worshipped since 

1779 and protected since 1992. Short driving to BadarKhundagalake. Soft 

hiking in search for saussurea in the surrounding area and see deity of 

Ochirvaani Buddha. A day horse riding tour to the lake is available on your 


Day 7. Drive to Tarvagatai National Park.

Tarvagatai National Park is located 78 km northeast from Uliastai town and 23 

km from Idersoum in Zavhan province. We will have overnight break at the 

beautiful national park. Within the national park, there is a beautiful Nogoon 

Lake surrounded by forested mountains. “Nogoon” means “green”. The lake 

always looks green. You can imagine how clean the lake is when you see 

fishes in the lake water. Accommodation: tourist camp located on the shore of 

Nogoon Lake.

Day  8. Drive to Angirt Lake 

Angirt is a beautiful small lake located on the junction of the Gobi desert and 

forest steppe. On the south of the lake, there is a sand mountain neighboring 

seven small sand dunes in its east. Charming magnolia flower grows on the 

top the two sand dunes. Angirtlake is home to water birds. 

 Day 9. Drive to deer stones 

The deer stone spread widely in Central Asia. There are 600 of them found in 

Central Asia. 500 of them are found in Mongolia territory. Deer stones are the 

first monuments of ancient man. The earliest of it belongs to XIII-IX centuries 

BC while most of them belong to the Bronze Age. The sun, the moon, belt, 

knife and deer jumping up sky are carved fantastically on repaired standing 

stones. The deer stones we will see today are famous in central Asia as those 

are the best kept and the most clear carved ones. 

 Day 10-11. Drive to Khuvsgul Lake 

Drive to the Khuvsgullake. Khuvsgul is the second largest fresh water lake 

after famous Russian Baikal in the world. The lake is stuck in Siberian taiga 

and formed by volcanic activity. It is 136 km long, 35 m wide and 262 m deep 

at its deepest. The lake lies at 1645 m above sea level surrounded by 

forested mountains. We will arrive at the lake by lunch time. After lunch, you 

can enjoy nature and explore its surrounding as you wish. 

Day  12. Drive to UranTogoo extinct volcano.

The volcano was extinguished 800,000 years ago. Northern slope of it is 

covered with trees. The volcano has small lake in its inside. Today we will 

have overnight break near the volcano. 

Day 13. Drive to Amarbayasgalant Monastery 

Our driving lead us through Bulgan town and Erdenet, the second large city 

after Ulaanbaatar. In Erdenet, we will pass by Erdenet copper mine. 

Amarbayasgalant Monastery is a place of bright spirits, religious intelligence 

and admiration of local architectures. Officially, Amarbayasgalant monastery 

was the retreat place of the "Dalai Lamas" of the Mongolia, the 

BogdKhaanJavtsundamba. It is located in the beautiful valley of the Iven River 

at the foot of Burenkhan Mountain in Selenge province. The monastery was 

established by order of the Manju Emperor Enkh-Amgalan, to cherish and 

give a respect to Mongolian first BogdKhaanUndurGegeenZanabazar. A huge 

numbers of rare religious relics, books, sutras, thangkas and deity of Buddhas 

have been kept in the monastery. The monastery is admired by its stunning 

architecture even though some of its temples were destroyed during the 

1930s socialist purge. The monastery is special as it was built wood interlock 

method without using a single nail. Visit the monastery. 

Day 14. Drive to Ulaanbaatar 

After breakfast, we will drive to Ulaanbaatar. 

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